Can't install anti-virus

By stitchintricia
Feb 13, 2010
  1. Hello,
    I hope you can help because I am completely stumped. I've been trying to clean up my husband's computer, without much success. I did get the original worm.win32.netsky removed, but there were still other remaining virus files, among them some AVG files that kept flashing pop-ups. I managed to get rid of those by doing a system restore. Still, there are more infections that are interfering with the internet connections.

    I read through your 8 step process and, since I can't connect on that computer, I downloaded the programs to a usb stick and attempted to install from that. The virus apparently blocks the installation of the Avira antivirus. I should have guessed, since I have SecurityShield2009 on that computer and it has been disabled, and I can't reinstall it.

    So, I am stymied. I do have Antimalwarebytes Anti-Malware program on the computer and I have been able to run that. It removes about 30 files. I also have a program called RegCure and it scans and 'fixes' about 10 errors. Still, the problems remain.

    Any suggestions? I'll go ahead and try the next step, of the 8 steps, and I hope something works.

  2. Broni

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  3. stitchintricia

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    Sorry, Broni, I wasn't aware that I did double post. I posted an initial query and a later update. I don't know how, or when, the duplicate posting happened.

    Again, apologies,

  4. Broni

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    No problem :)
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