Can't install my driver, ess maestro-2

By bhebhegirl
Nov 26, 2011
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  1. Now here's my problem, it started out when my pc won't start up. It stops at the bootscreen while the bar is moving (xp loading sorta). it stop right there and restarts and it just kept going on like that. i tried to boot on safe mode and it works. i disabled the restart on system failure or something like that and boot up. and then i got the blue screen error. i restart the system again and i still get the same error. i decided to just format the pc and get a fresh installation of windows. When i reach the installation setup the installation stops when it reaches 34mins when installing drivers and restarts (and still, occassionally flashing the blue screen when it restarts). I googled for answers and i found out that it has something to do with a driver and windows refuses to install the driver that's why it won't continue. found out that i had to make windows skip this driver installation in order to finish installing windows. In order to make it skip that driver, i was told that i had to delete a file related to it. following the instructions i found, i had to delete a file called wdma_es2.

    Following the above, I successfully finished the windows installation and installed the drivers i need except for one... my sound card. the device is ESS Maestro-2 PCI Audiodrive. downloaded the driver from the net but i still can't install it. The installation stops when reaching the file ess_m2 and it says that the driver cannot be installed. tried a lot of things and downloaded a few probable fixes already but none worked and it's giving me a headache! I even tried putting the wdma_es2 file back where i deleted it and manually copied the ess_m2 to the drivers folder on c:\windows\system32 folder. pelase help!!!
  2. ron111

    ron111 TS Rookie Posts: 44

    Assuming this is a PCI audio card, have you checked that you do not have the onboard audio on the motherboard enabled (if there is any)?
    You can check the BIOS to see if there is and disable it in case there is. Otherwise it can conflict with the PCI audio card.

    As for the driver, where did you get that? Is it the original? Version "06/22/2001," ?

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