Can't make eye to eye contact on large monitors?

My work involves one-to-one video calls all day. I want to stop using my 15" laptop screen and get a monitor 27" large or so, attaching a webcam to it, so that I can get a bigger image of the people I am talking to.

However, a friend told me that he never does video calls on a large monitor, because to others it always appears like he is looking away at a point, rather than making eye contact with them.

I have seen this happen with I-pads, where the camera is such that the person I am talking to looks like he is looking away, probably because of excessive distance between the camera and the screen. The person is actually looking at my face on the screen, but the camera ends up being at a diagonal angle to his face, creating an impression that he is looking away.

According to the friend, this happens on the monitor because the screen is big and the distance between the face of the person on the screen and your webcam is so much that it is never possible to keep eye to eye contact.

Does anyone know if this is true? I don't want to end up buying an expensive monitor and realise it is useless for my purposes. And if it is true, is there a fix to it or do video calls that need eye to eye contact have to be done on laptops?