Cant ping out - two modems, two linksys, split cable connection

By xeusmaximus
Mar 12, 2009
  1. I have one cable connection that has been split into different parts of the house. I
    had a connection on both sections of the house without a problem. Then I lost
    connection on one side of the house. I tried to solve the issue by cycling the modem,
    and also cycling the linksys that is attached to the modem... reseting...etc... have
    done so many things but still cant seem to work.

    when I ping it sends 4 packets, and receives 4 100%
    however, I cant ping, or ping and of course it doesnt tracert
    either... I am trobleshooting with win2K, so I turned off the zonealarm... still no
    connection. I have three laptops, one desktop, and one mega server. Linksys unit is
    wifi model wrt54g v1.01.0. Linksys used to have great support, after cisco bought it, I
    think support is connected to form letters, and some sorry a55 artificial intelligence.
    Whatever they suggested was useless.

    then I did ipconfig/all

    default gateway
    dhcp server
    dns server

    then checked linksys under status section, it gives

    default gateway
    MTU 1500

    under status>local
    dhcp enable
    start ip
    end ip
    the other side of the house where internet works flawlessly, the modem is attached to

    linksys BEFSR41 v2.00.4, it doesnt have wifi, I did ipconfig/all

    dns server
    dns server

    then checked linksys under status section, it gives
    login type dhcp
    default gateway
    static dns1
    static dns1

    under status>local
    subnet mask
    dhcp server enabled
    I can ping localhost(

    please help

    thank you
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,167   +986

    can you make a wiring chart to describe the split, eg
    yea, that's only to the router
    [a] this is the systems view of the router
    hmm; looks strange; normally this is a public ip-address
    where does the WAN cable on this router lead to?
    this matches [a] above which is consistent
    YEA! That's a public IP setup; you can ping the gateway address as well as both DNS addresses; tracert will work too
    again, the system-side of the second router which is good
    of no value
  3. xeusmaximus

    xeusmaximus TS Rookie Topic Starter


    ISP cable split into two section of the house

    ISP cable > modem - motorola sb5101 surfboard > linksys WRT54G - wireless with 4 ports
    ISP cable > modem - rca digital broadband dcm425 > linksys BEFSR41 - 4 ports (dont have

    Linksys suggested I cascade the routers. I told them it is in the other side of the house, and it is not an option really.

    Then, they suggested to use befsr41 with wet54g which has bad reviews, then they suggested WAP54G with wrt54g , which has another set of bad reviews. I guess linksys cant make bridges, or repeaters. When I asked them if I have to use another linksys product if there are any other options. They said linksys is the way to go.

    when I told them it worked for six hours, how come there isnt any way to make it work... they said it wont be reliable/stable ???
  4. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,167   +986

    Yes, that is the usual approach
    Never been totally happy with Linksys, but the approach is viable. I have a D-link DWL-G810 (no longer in production) and it worked well -- search for the newer model
    btw: both the RCA dcm425 and motorola sb5101 ARE MODEMS and chaining
    modem->modem is not possible; The maps should be
    • ISP->motorola sb5101 ---
      and ISP -> RCA DCM425 ---
      moving on ...
    YEEK! That's the problem! You insist that this actually work previously?
    I would expect the ISP to required TWO subscription fees!
    Which ever path is broken {a?b} think hard to recall which PC was FIRST connected to that modem
    remove the router and reconnect that same PC. If this works again, then you need to set the router to
    enable MAC Address Mascradaed (see how/why )
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