Can't play the recovered .mpg file from my SD card

By HelpMe1234
Mar 30, 2012
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  1. Last March 10, 2012 I deleted my important video file in accident.
    And i need it now. my friend told me that photo rec can be use in recovering files so i used the software PhotoRec, which i recovered the video files.

    i recover the file and it shows the full original size ( .mpg format), but when i playing it with Vlc player the half portion of my video file are corrupted. How can i repair that file.

    i tried using mpeg corrector, all media fix pro, vcd gear but none of them can fix it.
    is there a way to repair my video file?

    or give/suggest me a free and strong recovery software that can recover a file with no errors. i tried so many software but photorec is the best i found.

    please help me. i need that file. Its my lost friends memories
  2. HelpMe1234

    HelpMe1234 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Addtion info.

    the size of the SD card is only 2GB
    and i remember that after i erased the file
    I store other videos in my SD card, maybe the file that i want to recovered is overwritten when i put more videos on my card.

    is there a solution for this problem. please help me
  3. rawikumar

    rawikumar TS Rookie

    hi friend..mine is also same any solution for ur file?

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