Capcom confirms, Resident Evil's vampire lady is a giant

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In brief: Capcom has confirmed what Resident Evil fans have surmised for a while now – that Lady Dimitrescu, the “vampire lady” seen in recent trailers for Resident Evil Village, is indeed very, very tall. The exact role that her and her daughters will play in the game's storyline, however, remains to be seen.

Fans’ admiration for the character seemed to hit a fever pitch in mid-January after the launch of a showcase teaser trailer featuring brief glimpses of her. Upon closer inspections, fans deduced that the mystery woman appeared to be incredibly tall. Turns out, they were right.

Tomonori Takano, the art director for Resident Evil Village, recently said via Capcom’s Twitter account that if you include her hat and high heels, Lady Dimitrescu is a whopping 9’6” tall. For reference, the tallest human in recorded history was just 8’11” tall.

Takano added that Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters are bewitching, vampiric characters that are relentless in their pursuit of Ethan. “I can’t wait for you to meet them yourselves when you enter Castle Dimitrescu,” he added.

Resident Evil Village is scheduled to launch on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One / Series X/S and Windows PC on May 7, 2021. Those with a PS5 can get an early feel for the game via the Maiden demo, out now on the PlayStation Store.

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I mean we don't generally use imperial (metrication of Aus started in the 60s and was complete in the 80s), but when describing someone's height, "6 feet" seems to be more common than saying "182cm". Our schools won't teach you imperial, and speaking from my own experience, I guess I picked up the habit of describing human height in feet and inches from my parents who were always kind of stuck between using imperial and metric because they lived through the crossover.