Chaintech Sa6600 problems

By Andreib18
Feb 17, 2012
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  1. Hi guys!I think I have a problem that has been solved here,post:
    installing NVIDIA 6600 agp card, I get black screen
    my story is this:
    Hello there!Yesterday i buy a new gpu for my old pc's Chaintech Sa6600 (nvidia 6600) ,the card works fine without any driver but when try to install drivers ..oops ...after installer copy filles to sys32 ,comes 1st blank screen ..and the 2th blank screen remains black and my monitor in stand-by.I've tried different drivers: XTreme-G 92.91,169.21_forceware_winxp_32bit_international_w hql,LE:77.72,and the latest by nvidia site something like 238.** all of them with same results.I've also try a more powerfull psu(from 400W) to brand Corssair 500w still no results.i've delete all of the drivers with nfr,ccleaner,atfcleaner,manually,still no response.Also I am able to boot into safemode and vga mode,but if I change something moitor goes to sleep,even if I untick display modes that monitor cand support.i even reinstall windows ,What should I do ?
    My sistem specification:
    psu:400w 18A on 12v rail
    mbo:palit 4d845al
    memory:2x512 pc3200 modules ddr1
    gpu: now fx5500 by Palit /problems with Chaintech Sa6600
    Now I downloaded intel inf and aplicattion accelerator but when try to install chipset software ..the setups closes at 10% at file C:windows/temp/ (I think) ,after I restart my coputer hangs out at windows loading screen and I have to pick loat most setting that ... to be able to boot,what could be the problem ?
    The intel inf log:
    II arhive the log because was 300kb and it was too big:)

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  2. Andreib18

    Andreib18 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Also I get a copy of slax boot cd(or linux boot cd), booted up and my resolution in slax in 1280x960 60hz and doesen't seem to some lag in images (like when u don't have graphic driver) so I think the problem come more close to intel inf.

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