Check out the all-new Clock app in Windows 11, now with added features

Colonel Blimp

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I prefer a minimalistic desktop, all I do on my pc is play games, use Reason and watch you tube vids.
For me, its bloaty nonsense.
I don't mind though, as long as its easy and straightforward to turn the apps off.

Will it be?


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Added features are nice and I like to have these basic and useful tools preinstalled, but how many times you can recreate the same simple app and for what reason? I think user interfaces should be designed to remain the same rather than change every now and then. Why updating just for the sake of updating is even a thing? Do not change stuff if not necessary or if the changes are not undoubtedly for the better, like visual tweaks for example.


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Microsoft so envies Apple's business model and ecosystem and are working to 'evolve' with the goal to emulate it entirely. If not for gaming and direct x, I would never again use anything they make.


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So they added more bloat, exactly what I don't want, awesome!

I'm more drawn towards those Windows debloat tools every time I see news like this.
Let me know if you want some recommendations. Every time I install windows 10. I remove every single app and the app store then block every single MS ip address on a host file. Win 10 leaks like a sieve and even tries to steal your bandwidth so you provide their update. Worst OS ever.