Check out this tiny Simpsons TV that plays random episodes of the show


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In brief: Are you a Simpsons fan who likes the idea of a tiny TV that constantly plays episodes from the first 11 seasons, all without an internet connection? If you have a Raspberry Pi Zero, access to a 3D printer, and a bit of tech know-how, it’s possible, as demonstrated by one Reddit user.

Redditor buba447 posted details of his palm-sized Simpsons-style television, which even has working knobs. The outer shell was designed using cloud-based 3D modeling platform Fusion 360 and 3D-printed using a Creality3D Ender-3 pro.

Powering everything is a Raspberry Pi Zero running Jessie Lite that’s connected to a 640x480 TFT display. When the TV is turned on using the top dial, episodes from the long-running animated show’s first 11 seasons start playing randomly.

The compressed episodes themselves are stored on a 32GB SD card; their order is determined by a python script that picks and plays random files. That means no internet connection is required. It does require power, of course, which comes via the USB port at the back of the TV. There’s also a volume knob on the bottom.

buba447 says he intends to make a guide on how to create the miniature Simpsons TV, so you should be able to build your own version soon enough.

The Simpsons TV joins a long list of awesome, Raspberry Pi projects, including a Game Boy adapter that lets people play battle royale-style Tetris online; a streaming-focused, 3D-printed handheld gaming PC; the six-sided Pixxl Cube display; and much more.

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AMD / Nvidia version of the same product: change the color of the tv to green / red, increase power consumption, size and price 900% then claim shortages and rise prices over and over again


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Nifty, but no thanks.

I do have to say that the first 10/11/12 seasons or so are the best of the Simpsons. Around the 10/11/12 seasons is where they made Homer stupid (down right ignorant) and it bothered me. Homer started out as a naïve, buffoon and meant well and as the years went on he just became stupid. I haven't enjoyed The Simpsons for many years because of it.

Eh....I can play any episode from the first 12 Simpson seasons on any device in my home without an internet connection. I'd need an intranet connection, but no internet. They'd just run from my server.


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"The compressed episodes themselves are stored on a 32GB SD card"

Hmmm....How did he legally get all those episodes on a 32GB SD card?