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By refuse
Apr 4, 2009
  1. Hey guys i have a strange problem..i am running Vista 64bit and when using Chrome, the taskbar and desktop freeze. I cannot access anything on the task bar/task manager/desktop, until I close Chrome. Then, everything works fine. I've been using Chrome on my other computers since it came out in Sept., and would love to keep using it. The strange thing is that if i have another browser running like IE or Firefox and then open chrome, it works with no problem
  2. Char_X

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    An easy method that seems to unfreeze Chrome in most cases:

    When Chrome freezes, simply right-click on the Chrome icon in the Windows taskbar. Note that if you have the “Group similar taskbar buttons” option enabled (it’s enabled by default), then you must first left-click to expand the group before right-clicking.

    As far as we have seen, this method has (oddly) cured the freezes in Chrome. Keeping that in mind, hopefully an update will be released that addresses the freezing issue. Since the right-clicking method seems to work, maybe it will be a pretty easy patch!
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