Chrome OS to support "legacy PC apps" via remote access

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Jun 14, 2010
  1. Google's upcoming operating system is designed around the cloud, powered by web-based applications running on the browser rather than traditional software installed locally on your computer. While this is an interesting and forward-thinking approach to computing, it's also very restrictive and could very well prevent Chrome OS' from gaining any real traction. According to a message posted in the Chromium discussion group, however, a workaround might be in the works.

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  2. Why is this news? "ChromeOS to include rdesktop and vncviewer just like every other Linux distribution in the last decade".
  3. Vrmithrax

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    All I can say is, they better be ready for a major crapstorm of technical support nightmares if they go with something that requires ANY kind of port forwarding or modification of router configurations. The vast majority of users (and, coincidentally, a huge target demographic for Chrome OS) have absolutely no idea how a router works, or that you even CAN configure the thing... Make these people learn and do work to use the product, and you'll get it shoved back in your face.

    And really, who wants to be forced to have another PC just sitting in the wings waiting for you to be able to run basic legacy programs? At that point, why not just say "screw it" and go Win7 or actual full Linux distro on a netbook, and cut out all the middleman crap?

    I'm really hoping this is just being misunderstood or just misreported... If not, Google is blowing off both of their feet before they even start the race.
  4. gwailo247

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    So far what I'm understanding is that if I want to play any games I have to have another computer running them? Or is this anticipating that wonder game service that will deliver the performance of my hardware over the internet, which will make my need for video cards and water cooling obsolete?
  5. "At that point, why not just say "screw it" and go Win7 or actual full Linux distro on a netbook, and cut out all the middleman crap?:

    Exactly brotha, this seems to be an esoteric workaround solution looking for a problem.
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