Chromecast adds support for Comedy Central, TuneIn, Epix and more

John Williamson

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Google has announced that their Chromecast media streaming dongle will now support seven new channels including Comedy Central, Sesame Street Go, Nickelodeon, TuneIn, Epix, YuppTV and Encore Play. This recent slew of media content allows users to access hit TV...

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Some devices have a "Cast screen" option (Sony Z3 phone) so you can get Amazon video on your screen from your device, but it's not as nice a solution as the native app support in Netflix for example, and also the picture quality isn't great. I'm sure you could probably cast Amazon Prime Video from the Chrome browser on a PC too.


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Why are people still dealing with this goofy technology?

You can use MiraCast or AirPlay (MiraCast multi screen with Windows, so you can still keep using your laptop/tablet while watching something.)

Even IE10/11 supports video casting to devices via DLNA (which had support for more services to more standard TVs and devices before Chromecast was even released.) - Try it, Open IE10/11 on Windows 8, pull open a site with a video, open the charms bar -> devices -> Play To - and send the video to your Xbox or Samsung TV or random BluRay device, etc.

There are also products like Roku, that give you all the content you could want for the same price as the Chromecast stick, and it even has a Wii type controller with games on top of 200+ content Apps.

Chromecast is locked to a single product with limited services, sends data to Google for advertising revenue, has bastardized what was supposed to be a video sharing standard and ruined it, and it is time that it needs to go away.

Seriously, go buy a Miracast Stick for $30, and then you can stream EVERYTHING.