CiD Internet Explorer Browser Always Opening " VIRUS " Problem

Aug 28, 2009
  1. I was having a problem with internet explorer always opening up to a Random Website Playing Videos or Music all the time. I'm not sure where i picked this bug up at but i'm pretty sure that I got it while visiting other websites and not by a program that I use or installed so i believe that i received while visiting other websites but again i do not know which one i received it at.

    In the Title's of every Website that Opened it always had " CiD " infront of it, Norton 360 would find the Spyware Cookies that were present and clean them up but it would never completly fix the problem.

    Here is my solution that solved my problem.

    Go to your Add/Remove Programs and look for a Program named " CiD-Help " and Uninstall this Program. When you go to uninstall this Program it asks for a 6 Number Security Question to Verify that you are a Human and Not a Computer Program. " This is Probably why my Anti-Virus wouldnt fix the problem. " Once the Numbers are entered it took about 2 Minutes for the program to uninstall itself and says that it will take effect the next time you close Internet Explorer so make sure that Internet Explorer is already closed when you go to Uninstall CiD-Help.

    Well i hope that this will help someone out there as it has helped me to finally get rid of this problem and boy does it feel good again to have IE Working the way that it should be working again. :)

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