Civilization VI is now free on the Epic Games Store


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Last week saw the second best-selling game of all time, GTA V, become the latest weekly giveaway on Epic’s storefront. Despite already selling 120 million units—Minecraft is ahead with 176 million—the offer proved so popular that high traffic caused the servers to overload. It resulted in slow loading times, 500 errors, launcher crashes, and other glitches.

Now the GTA V giveaway is finished, Epic is offering Civilization VI for nothing. Released in 2016, the game was praised by critics and players alike. While the cartoonish graphics can be a little off-putting initially, many hailed it as an excellent entry in the Civ franchise.

If you’re unsure about taking up Epic’s offer, it’s worth noting that Civilization VI still costs $60 on Steam.

As noted by Polygon, developer Firaxis Games recently announced a new $39.99 season pass that will add eight new civilizations to the base game. The pass is expected to include six add-on packs, the first of which is the Maya & Gran Colombia Pack that includes “leaders, buildings and units from each respective civilization, a new Apocalypse game mode, new City-States, Resources, and Natural Wonders.”

As with the other giveaways, you’ll need to sign up for an Epic account, which costs nothing, to download the game. As for what’s arriving after Civ VI, it’s rumored Borderlands: The Handsome Collection will be a freebie on May 28, while Ark Survival Evolved will follow on June 4.

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Thumbs up for Epic for defending the game industry. Many game companies became greedy and release half-completed games for whole prices and later sell DLCs to multiply their profits. Civ 6 is a sh!t bag at this strategy as some cultural civilizations sold as DLCs and patches/upgrades sold as expansion packs.

Lew Zealand

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Ark in a few weeks? Just say no. I'm embarrassed to say I have more time in the game than any other (though Rocket League will pass it sometime soon) and it's a s***show. Just don't.


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I've been adding all these free games into my library. Just last week, it was GTA V. And Assassin's Creed Syndicate I got free sometime back.


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Can't wait for Steam to finally go under. They're the greediest, most anti-gamer company in the market today.

Anything that harms Valve is by default a good thing.
Man, you've been chugging the Epic cool-aid, haven't you?

Please, explain. How is Steam the greediest, most anti-gamer company in the market today?

And I want unique reasons, no generic/standard "reasons" (like the shallow taking 30% from sale BS). You're making a strong, illogical claim. Back it up.


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Great from Epic. This game is amazing and a clear step in a new direction from the company. The districts and new tracing and religion mechanics stand it out over Civ V. Although I have not tried the DLC because it’s expensive, you certainly don’t need it to enjoy this game.

I do believe this costs £30 on steam and steam will keep just under £10 of that, which is absurd by comparison. Let’s hope Epics push will force steam to be a bit more consumer and developer friendly and a bit less greedy.

It’s funny how things change, steam used to be just like epic is now, with great free games and amazing sales.