Cleaning the heatsink cause the computer is not working

By n0tepad ยท 7 replies
Apr 6, 2010
  1. Hi ..

    I just cleaned only the heat sink ( I didn't remove and touch the processor either) of the processor due having heavy dust on it, Since we do not have a vacuum cleaner I decided to use small paint brush and it actually really soft then eventually after I cleaned it I put back the heat sink including the fan properly and connected all devices on it and I on the computer.

    the problem is the computer unfortunately didn't work.

    but the keyboard is working i think b'coz what i have noticed the numlock, scroll lock and caps lock is lighting. and the DVD ROM.

    what do you think is the problem ??

    thnx. .

    what should I do to fix it.
  2. red1776

    red1776 Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe Posts: 5,224   +164

    can you provide more detail? does it power on,boot up and shut down? specs would help also.

    BTW did you plug the heat sink fan back into the motherboard? and did you re-apply thermal compound?

    It sounds obvious, but go through all the connections one by one and re-re -re check them. its usually something dumb like 'forgot to turn the switch back on the power supply'.
  3. n0tepad

    n0tepad TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 19

    yes the power on, but it doesn't boot up and obviously it doesn't shut down

    yes i plug the heat sink fan back. thermal compound ? no i didn't

    I never touch the power supply .
  4. EpicPie

    EpicPie TS Rookie Posts: 46

    Take your heatsink off and clean off any residue that may be left over from the previous thermal paste by applying some goo-gone or water to a rag and wiping it off (make sure nothing is left on both the heatsink and CPU chip) and applying some new thermal paste.
  5. n0tepad

    n0tepad TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 19

    Is there any possibility that processor crash ??
  6. Ritwik7

    Ritwik7 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,672   +9

    That seems unlikely. It's most probably a case of the thermal compund getting wiped off or the connectors not being in place.

    Follow red's and Epic's advice and reapply the TIM.
  7. n0tepad

    n0tepad TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 19

    so you mean if the thermal paste has wiped out computer certainly won't work?
  8. EpicPie

    EpicPie TS Rookie Posts: 46

    No, he doesn't mean that. It's either because you're using old thermal paste of you didn't place back on the CPU chip properly.
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