Clicking noise & a sound revving up and stopping

By drecked
Jul 20, 2012
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  1. Hi while working my comp I get those clicking noises and sounds like something is spinning
    followed by my comp developing a blue screen then a black screen telling me it can't find
    the operating system and to put in my OS disc this has occurred a few times I have dis
    mantled the whole lot checked it and re-assembled . It turns out when I give the tower a sharp
    knock the noise stops and it acts like nothing has happened > *****!
    could I be right thinking I have a bad electric connection ? It's a gigabyte m/board with on-board
    graphics i5-2400 CPU @3.10 GHz 311 GHz only six months old . If anyone can tell me
    what the problem might be I would appreciate It . Regard Drecked
    PS: I have a hard drive loaded with widows 7 I use some time and the same happens with that drive because I first thought that the hard drive was in the process of carking It., Incidentally happens about every two to three weeks ! Looking forward to a cure !
  2. drecked

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    I just like to do a little follow up on my last post of July 20 ,2012 ! <> the mother board manual say's it's recommended to
    to install the two (identical modules) in the one & two sockets ( you have to install two to enable dual channel) well I had all sorts of problems, and the tech were I purchased the board etc said it was my hard drive , well as I'm not one to give up easy I could not his accept his diagnosis ! So the last thing before I went back to Asus Country I put the two memory modules in the 3 & 4
    sockets and strike me pink It fixed the problem no more epileptic fits , when they say bring it in and we will take a look that's
    about all the do,. salut drecked > nothing is impossible <
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  3. Cobalt006

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    Thanks for posting your Fix. Good job

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