CMOS problem?

By saiorse44
Oct 19, 2009
  1. Hi All,

    My folks computer began forgetting the time and BIOS settings so I just assumed it was the CMOS battery (it is 6 yrs old) and replaced it for a new Energizer CR2032.

    It seemed to work except for when the system was put into S3/STR and later brought out of standby the there would be no picture on the monitor and it would not shut down. So since then we have avoided standby and just shut it down.

    However this evening it has begun forgetting the time again and the new CMOS battery is only 2-3 weeks old so I was wondering whether the CMOS has had it on the motherboard.

    Could anyone shed any light on this?

    The system in question is a MSI 648-Max Mobo, 2.4GHz P4 Northwood, 1GB DDR400

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