COM-Port Foot Pedal Joystick

By lizbang
Oct 19, 2010
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  1. I am using a program that I would like to use a foot pedal with...The program setup instructions tell me to "Connect the footpedal as a 2 button/2 axis joystick under Control Panel\Gaming Options."

    My problem is that the foot pedal connects to the computer through a COM port, as opposed to a Game Port or USB. How should I go about installing this foot pedal as a joystick?

    Thank you.

    The computer is:
    mobo: Shuttle MV43V v7.3
    os: Windows xp
  2. mailpup

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  3. lizbang

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    No, sorry for the confusion...what I need to know is:
    How do I get the OS to recognize the foot pedal as a joystick?

    Right now I have it plugged into COM3 and I can get it to work in other programs, but not in the one program that I actually need it to work in. I can add the "joystick" to the list of Game Controllers, but it says that it's not connected. Is there a way to tell it that this game controller is connected through the COM3 port instead of the 'Standard Game Port' ?

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    It might sound like a stupid suggestion for sure, but is there an option for reinstalling the program you want to use the pedal with, now when you've connected it?

    If not (or if you simply prefer not to), then sometimes there are driver-applications offered free at the pedal-makers' homepage. I once had a serious problem with a COM-printer, in which a visit to the homepage made my life a lot easier.

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