Complete disk wipe

By dbonniwell
Jun 3, 2008
  1. I have a couple of SATA and the other type fo HDD on the bench
    is there any way of getting all the data off the HDDs.
    Have them at a condition like the day I bought them or the method to acheive that.
    I understand reformat would not be enough. No data backup necessary. Complete clean if possible.
    OK first install into computer then....
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    Prepare HDDs

    I have these 3 Sata HDDs...and they probably have corrupted files that will not allow me to boot to windows and or even recovery/repair mode, I remember pulling them becaulse I did not know how to deal with it so I bought new ones

    I just want to prepare them for the next time I install windows, I was thinking they had to be wiped clean. Now I am not sure what to do. I am not concerned about privacy or the data on there now. When I want privacy, I will take a drill and hammer to them. Physically they should be in very good shape, mentally??
    what should I do?
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    Get a Knoppix cd and once you have booted off of that, open up the terminal. Type: sudo shred -n 2 -z -v /dev/hda1

    The number after -n is the number of passes, I think the default is 25. Obviously 25 is better than 2, but it will take forever. The -z will make the last pass write only 0s rather than random 1s and 0s, making the drive look completely blank. The -v enables you to see the progress.

    /dev/hda1 is the drive and partition, so you may have to change this depending on your setup. If you want the entire drive erased including the partition table, you would just use /dev/hda (again might be different depending on your setup).

    I would definately detach any drives you don't want to erase while doing this, just incase you type the wrong drive in by mistake.
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