Completed 8 steps, logs attached

By azco0402
Feb 28, 2009
  1. First of all, thank you so much for the eight step process. After going through that process, Automatic Updates turned back on and actually downloaded updates from Microsoft - I've been fighting with that for about two months! I use Symantec Endpoint Protection (antivirus), and it was able to update for the first time since Feb. 11. My only concern at this point is that after running the SuperAntispyware program, I was instructed to reboot the system. When it came back up, I was unable to start Windows in normal mode - I had to go to the most recent successful settings. Is that a big deal? When Windows finally made it past that point, I got about 5 messages saying Bad Image. Is that a concern? I've attached my logs per your request, just a couple of notes: I originally ran HijackThis just before finding your Eight Steps, so I've attached both logs (hijackthisfeb26 is the one I did before the steps); also, my computer's C: drive is getting pretty full, so I downloaded the program to the D: drive. In your Eight Steps, I saw where you asked that the directory not be changed from the C: drive, but I had already done it. Sorry! Thanks again for the help - much appreciation!
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