Computer Freeze-up

By Envile
Mar 14, 2010
  1. So first off I do not know much about computer hardware and etc like that but I pretty much know the basic bits inside, Graphics card, RAM, HD and PSU stuff like that.

    So my computer crashes usually when playing games (but not WoW :S) also watching HD videos on Youtube can trigger it orrr sometimes MSN and almost 100% chance to crash in a League of Legends game, how do describe the crashing... well the sound goes to an annoying constant noise sounds almost like a jackhammer on the street.. mixed with white noise from your tele, sometimes the screen just freezes and sometimes it goes black. sometimes it even restarts itself.
    It used to have a small chance to do it like.. once a week or 2 weeks which i could live with but ever since i thought i "broke" the computer my friend had a look at it to fix it, he thought that i busted my PSU so he put his in to see if it would work but it didnt.. turns out i just pulled a wire out by mistake XD. so now he's put my PSU in and cleaned away the dust from the inside and it crashes more often then ever.. every game, which is really annoying of course.
    I'd like to know what might be causing it.. maybe i need a new PSU or maybe its overheating or simply just my computer is getting old and shitty.

    just to say it does NOT blue screen of death me.. just dies completely!
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    First thing I would try is running dxdiag (Direct X diagnostics) to verify that all DX files are in tact and working. You can do this by going to Run and typing "dxdiag" in the field (without quotes). Let the application scan the files and then view each tab making sure to look for any problems, it will tell you in the bottom area. It's typically a good idea to make sure that your video drivers and Direct X are updated to the latest version...

    Since your PSU has been somewhat tested, your problem may rest with the RAM. Memory is known to cause a lot of blue screens, freezing, and crashing in general. Try removing all but one stick of RAM and see if the crashing stops. If not, swap modules or run Memtest to detect a faulty module. RAM is relatively cheap so buying new modules isn't a huge deal. If it comes to that, we'd be more than happy to point you in the right direction :)

    Also, it would benefit to post up your complete system settings (including the RAM specs) like CPU speed, motherboard model, graphics card and operating system.
  3. Envile

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    ok so as it says on the top of Ccleaner XD

    i'm running
    MS Windows XP Professional SP3
    Intel Core2 CPU 6400 @ 2.13GHz. 1.5GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GT

    its a fairly old computer but was good for its time xD

    Hope this helps
  4. EXCellR8

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    Remove a RAM module and see if that stops the crashing...

    You may be able to prevent the system from restarting, and thus displaying a blue screen with possible information related to the crash, by disabling Automatic Restart. Getting the system to throw a BSOD may be helpful because it could display the name of a corrupt file or a STOP message. Most BSOD's are caused by drivers but memory can also be to blame. Also, look in C:\WINDOWS\Minidump for recent dump files and post them.

    Download and run CPU-Z to display detailed information about your motherboard and memory...
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