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Computer freezes at normal clock rates

By Hitchcock · 7 replies
Sep 20, 2010
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  1. Hello, I just took my brothers old computer from him a couple of weeks ago because he bought a new one, it should be about 2 years old and it has had the same problem for about a year but my brother never cared to fix it because there's a temporarly way of fixing it.
    i'm really bad at this stuff compared to other peeps who enter this site but maybee you can help me anyways if it's an easy fix.
    im just gonna tell you what my stuff is im sure u've heard of the problem before because my brother mentioned other people having same problems but i tried to search for it but dident find it, anyways this is my computers gear.

    AMD Phenom x4 9850 Black Edition. Socket am2+ (940)

    i think this is where the problem is, the processor. because the screen like Freezes and i cant do ****, no keywords or anything it just stops and it stays like that untill i restart it using the reset button i mean it doesent change after leaving it over a night. it just freezes sometimes in the normal desktop with no games or anything up, but it really freezes all the time when i play games. note that this is when i use the normal settings, (clock speed) what i do to fix it so i dont get any freezing stuff i change the settings from

    CPU Frequency: 200 ----- i switch this to 180
    PCIE Freq 100 --- 87
    CPU Multiplier 12,5 --- 9,5
    when all is normal i have it around 2500
    when its at this speed (down clocked) i got 1710.
    If you need any more information regarding parts or settings or something please ask i really want to solve this.
    The rest of my items are
    a Motherboard;
    ASRock - model K10N750SLI-WiFi
    Graphic - NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT, 512 mB gddr3
    memory is hard to say, i dont know where to look but ill tell u what it says in cpu-z
    DDR2 dual 4096 mB.
    dc mode unganged,
    nb freq 1800,0 MHz
    DRAM freq 240,0 MHz
    fsb:dram 3:4
    CAS#Latency (CL) 4,0 clocks
    RAS to CAS delay 4
    RAS precharge 4
    Cycle time 12
    bank cycle time 16
    command rate 2t
    and thats all
    oh wait i found some stuff at spd,
    part number = EXTREME DDR2 1066+
    if that helps heh, ill check in a lil later to se if you have any results for me
    maybee it will be hard to understand but please try ;)
    Sorry for the text mass ^^

    Edit: forgot to mention i change my settings using ASRockOC /// OC Tuner
  2. Hitchcock

    Hitchcock TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Maybee this is important too,, cpu temp is at 63C im using level 10 / 10 on cpu fan speed and this is down clocked.... maybee this is the problem
    MB temp 35c so thats fine i think,
    cpu fan 3259 rpm
    chassis fan 2568 rpm
    i am guessing this is the problem because i just noticed it.. suggestions ?
    By the way. This is in windows. not while playing or something or any wierd apps open only windows and like spotify and the regular stuff..
  3. Hitchcock

    Hitchcock TS Rookie Topic Starter

    just some information what my brother did to try and fix the problem when he had the computer, it was bought from Revolve-it but the company does not remain today, anyways my brother sent the comp to them like 5 times saying there is something wrong it freezes etc, and they tested it saying theres nothing wrong with it and sent it back, the last 2 times they dident even open the package and just returned them to my brother because they dident have the funds to replace the items in the computer. bastards.. they said that they had tested it with their highest performance programs and it dident freeze and they did this for a whole night, while in fact it freezes just from launching wow sometimes... and it has never made it 1 hour without freezing before, it freezes wherever i try to plug it in so its no "environment" issues like the electric from the wall.. don't know how to phrase that but u understand
  4. Hitchcock

    Hitchcock TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Oh right, i've tried it on ALOT of different Operational systems so its not that either i bet the computer has been reinstalled about 15 times or something in total, currently using W7 ultimate
  5. Hitchcock

    Hitchcock TS Rookie Topic Starter

    and HDD has been tested with a different, i had to buy an own when i took over the comp he uses the old in hes new comp at the moment so its not that either
  6. Hitchcock

    Hitchcock TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Read another topic at the site, and he said "gave it a vacuume and so far so good"
    did the same and, So far so good... heh im a bit stupid i know, I will report back tonight to see if it helped. the cpu cooler was FULL of how do u say it... in swedish its Damm,
    Gray **** lookalike that gets really messy after some years.. and after the vacuume it got down to 45*C, i am using the "right" settings at the moment and we will se if the comp will make it heh anyways i bet its the problem and that it's solved..
    lovely site i woulden't have vacuumed it if i woulden't have read that other post somebody else made
    techspot rocks. :) i've seen u've helped out alot of others and i bet you would help me out aswell :)
  7. Hitchcock

    Hitchcock TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Nope it freezed 2 times in less than 1.5 hours 2'nd time was when i started the comp and was about to change the settings.. It all just seems to be randomly but very often... Case not solved ;) still need all the help i can get. :) altho the * on the processor is still very good, 46*C - 48*C
  8. Hitchcock

    Hitchcock TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Right! theres another thing that is wierd with the comp aswell, the psu i got gives me a 20x stick contact to the motherboard wich requires a 24x, so i got another 4x to plug in next to the 20x stick... and i got 2x 4pin slots right next to eachother at the top BUT
    there's only 1 stick to use :S i've been thinking that maybee the computer hangs because of electric problems. i KNOW it¨s not the psu because it really gives out alot of watt if needed it's a 630 watt psu so i just feel that it cannot be the problem, im not running such juicy stuff in the comp.. what do you guys think of that x-tra slot? should i find myself another cable and plug it in ? i mean converted from like some special way through the electric cables.

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