Computer freezing (please help)

By ianruk · 4 replies
Jun 12, 2009
  1. i am going to try explain the best i can what the problem is although it is pretty hard for me to explain so bare with me.

    i brought some new ram about 4-5months ago and i replaced it with the ram i had in my computer .

    The old ram i had was 512 pc2700 and i replaced it with 1gb pc3200 and since the day i replaced it. it has been crashing a lot
    for example i could be watching a movie or playing a game and it will suddenly just freeze, when it does this i can not move the mouse or anything, i have to turn the switch off.

    what could be the problem? because i was told where i brought this ram that pc3200 will run because it is backward comptaible, and this is really starting to annoy me because i can not do much on my computer because it will just keep freezing.

    please could someone help and if possible explain it in simple terms so i dont get comfused
  2. B00kWyrm

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    There are several possibilities.
    1. Bad memory module(s) - Yes it does happen.
    2. Incompatibility with your MB - Some MB's are notoriously picky about the ram used.
    3. Dirty contacts / Poor connection between ram and MB.
    4. An additional problem is present, unrelated to the fact that you swapped ram.

    If we could review some of your minidumps, it might help us to better diagnose the problem for you.
    Attach three or four of your most recent to your next post.
    Usually you will find them in the Minidump subfolder of your Windows folder.

    Also, you should find your MB specs, so we (or you) can research whether your ram modules are truly compatible.
  3. ianruk

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    i have attached 4 minidumps , although these are not from my computer crashing,these 1s are from my computer resetting itself
  4. ianruk

    ianruk TS Rookie Topic Starter

    o and i just looked how to check my specs so ive uploading them aswell,hope this is right
  5. B00kWyrm

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    Two errors are 0xD1
    Possible Resolutions:
    One error is 0x8E
    0x8E is releated to memory on the computer- Try to reseat the memory module or if you have more than 1 memory module try one at a time and check if you still get the same Blue screen. Try using memtest. Follow the Tutorial here...

    One error is 0xA
    While your errors together suggest that Memory may be an issue, the fact that one of the errors was produced by Torrent/Filesharing software, and two involve your AV / Security software, I would also suggest going to the 8 steps... Follow them carefully.
    Here is the link ...
    If you find issues, start a new thread here...

    While memory modules may be good, there may be a compatibility issue with your board.
    This is especially true, it seems, with Asus boards.
    Check the make and model of your board, and then check the maker's website to compare your RAM against their compatibility list.

    Note - I will be away now, for the weekend, but others can step in to help if further assistance is needed.
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