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Computer is overheating plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By mq8421 ยท 11 replies
Jul 14, 2007
  1. My computer for some reason is at its average temperature of 55c when i am not running any programs and i have the side panel open. But, right when i click on the internet or any program such as a game or something it quickly goes up about 20 degrees and jsut continues to rise. if i start playing a game on the internet it can reach 80 degrees easily and keep rising as i play for not even 5 minutes. then it hits about 95 or even higher and the computer freezes completely. my computer was made out of basically some extra parts, but i can tell you that it has a 2.2 GHZ celeron processor and about 800 mb of ram it is running windows XP professional. i could use any advice on how to cool it down or anything like that.
  2. almcneil

    almcneil TS Guru Posts: 1,277

    Processor intensive programs such as games and anti-virus/anti-spyware scans cause the GPU/CPU to generate a lot of heat. The solution is to install a second "system" fan at the upper vent at the rear of the chassis. All MoBos have an optional secondary fan ("system" fan) that can be installed. The primary CPU fan's job is to suck heat from the processor heatsink but that hot air builds inside the chassis. The secondary fan evacuates this hot air out the chassis.

    Another cause could be your temp sensor on your MoBo is defective. These sensors are very cheap and not all that accurate to begin with. Some have readings that are just plain wrong. If the temp reading is too high, the BIOS shuts down the MoBo to prevent heat damage. Could be your temp sensor is too sensitive and the reading is way too high, hence, the BIOS shuts everything down too soon.
  3. mq8421

    mq8421 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    so how do i fix my sensor?
  4. temporalrft

    temporalrft TS Rookie

    I'm thinking one of your case fans went out, especially since you said the thing was built out of spare parts. Take your case housing off and keep the computer out in the open (and off carpet) and run it like that for a few minutes. If the computer still shuts down, I'll bet it's a problem with the temp sensor on your motherboard like almcneil says.
  5. almcneil

    almcneil TS Guru Posts: 1,277

    Actually, I don't know! I'm not much of a hardware techie. I only fix simple hardware problems that don't require much more than a screwdriver!

    Probably will have to get a new MoBo or ask a hardware tech if you can swap in a new temp sensor. Maybe download the manual for the MoBo and see what it states about the temp sensor.

    I use Lavalys EVEREST Home Edition for diagnostic info.
  6. mq8421

    mq8421 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    were can i download that stuff
  7. almcneil

    almcneil TS Guru Posts: 1,277

    You can download Lavalys EVREST here Install/run the program, go to the motherboard section and it will list the web site for the manufacturer and maybe even the web page for the manual!
  8. mq8421

    mq8421 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    anyways, when i ran the computer with the housing off it said it got to 104c and then froze
  9. almcneil

    almcneil TS Guru Posts: 1,277

    Temp sensor's defective or the signal is being compromised. My step-father's comp has the latter problem. We installed a new CPU fan and I noticed it seriously influenced the temp sensor because the temp reading went HIGHER even though it was a faster fan. If the fan is running faster then the temp must go lower, not higher. I concluded the stronger current for the CPU fan was impacting the signal (current) of the temp sensor. I put the old fan back in and installed a system fan instead.

    Anyhow, best to check out if it's possible to replace the temp sensor. Be prepared you may not and have to replace the MoBo. Or, blow out any dust that my have built up inside the chassis.

    Did you install the Lavalys Everest HE?
  10. pdyckman@comcas

    pdyckman@comcas TS Rookie Posts: 527

    have you touched the cpu heatsink just after it shuts down? You should be able to "feel" if it's that hot. 104 celsius = 219 (F).
  11. mq8421

    mq8421 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    To pdyckman wat is the CPU heatsink. and i used comressed air to clean out all the dust and it is completely clean now, but it still freezes.
  12. mq8421

    mq8421 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    And i downloaded everest and it says that my CPU is 69c and that the motherboard is 27c and Cpu rises as i do stuff really high like before
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