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Computer keeps freezing when playing games

By kllp101
Dec 31, 2011
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  1. Hello. I am new to the forums here and I'm not very tech savvy so please bear with me. I encountered a problem about a week ago. The problem was that my computer kept freezing whenever I played any kind of game (such as WoT). When I opened up the application, in around the first 10 seconds, my computer would freeze prior to opening the game application. What the screen would look like is a very pshychodelic screen of a little distorted colors of red and blue along with the colors of the screen. During that freeze, my mouse wouldn't move, as well as ctrl-alt-dlt so I would have to turn it off by holding on to the start button. I turn on my computer again and there would be a bunch of small green, vertical dots in the loading screen like something from the matrix but not that many dots. I hit f1 to start (my computer has a lot of problems :p) and I go to the screen where it asks me if I would like to go to safe mode or normal mode. On that screen, the screen is more of a checkered red and black with different, random patterns. I go to normal mode and enter the loading screen where my windows 7 moving icon starts up. On that screen, there are a bunch of vertical green lines on the screen. The computer, however, does not load up in that stage and either freezes in a black screen slumber or just restarts.

    Now this would happen to my computer now. It was quite different a month ago.

    I think around a month or 2 ago, my computer was doing fine and handled games quite well. But one day, while I was playing my game, the computer screen froze and had this psychodelic colors and weird sounds on the screen. I did a hard reset and instead of all the weird colors on the boot up screen, it worked fined and I just continued my game. However, I noticed that this problem was reaccurring and grew worse as the days went on. Now I'm in a situtation where I cant even turn on my computer if I open a game program, sometimes, my computer would freeze/crash instantly when I start windows with no application running. Now, if I get to the weird colors stage, the only way I can start my computer is by clicking windows repair and doing a system restore to a time of working conditions.

    To fix this problem, I have done a variety of things. First, I downloaded a registry fixing program and detected and fixed my registry. I thought that did the trick but the next day, the same problem persisted. I have done a virus scan with MSE (microsoft security essentials) and another anti virus program with finding nothing. I updated a bunch of drivers to see if my drivers were courrupted or something and still my problem persisted. I thought it was the driver that was the problem becuase in one of my freezes, my computer regained control and the pop up below said there was some problem/failure with a nvidia driver (cant recall specifically) so I updated to the most recent nvidia driver, which didnt work so I re-downloaded the original driver and that didnt work either. So I dont think the driver is the problem as well. Then I thought it might be a heat problem so I opened up my computer and clean off all the dust out of the fans and computers. My computer has a total of 3 fans, 2 in the computer, and 1 directly attached to the nvidia graphics card. So even after the cleaning, my problems still persisted.

    So my other suspects of the problem is that its a: virus, the graphics card is toasted, the CPU is toasted, or something else. I really think that my graphics card is dead because the second I run a heavy 3D application such as games, the computer freezes. When im running a light application such as this (google chrome) or just surfing the web, it rarely freezes. I am also highly suspicious it might be because of a weird program in my computer that always secretly is on when i turn on my computer. Its called form1 and I have no idea what it does so I found out what proccess/application it comes from and it comes from a program called Genius.exe...? I went to this Genius.exe in the files which I found in roaming files and I found out that this Genius.exe application wouldnt uninstall when I clicked the unistall button. I cant find it in the control panel and this program is in total incognito. Its really hard to find and the publisher is in this weird lettering (russian or some other language maybe?). So form1 pops out around 5-6 hours since I closed it. Its either that or that my graphics card is busted since this seems to be a grahics problem.

    Some info: I had this computer for around 5 years. The nvidia graphics card is the same age as the computer. I have windows 7 pro. I dont know anything more than that since I have no idea where all the specs are...

    Any help would be great. :). Thank you and please reply.
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,231   +234

    What are your full computer specs!
  3. kllp101

    kllp101 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    dont know... However, I think I found the main root to the problem. There is this nvidia kernel driver that sometimes pops up when my computer recovers. Theres a ton of forum post on that issue. Any answer on that? the pop up says that the nvidia driver kernel, 187.85 or something like that has stopped responding and has recovered successfully.

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