Computer keeps freezing

By lildjrich
Aug 23, 2008
  1. Hello!

    I have one problem, which started a while back, and I lost a 40gb hdd because of it... (Not big I know .. :p)

    Basically, my computer freezes every now and then, whenever it feels like, or in which I believe the problem to be, my pc is using too much memory..

    I think, or I thought, I had a problem with my memory, but I have changed both my motherboard and memory, but still the same problem.. I had formatted it a few times before I threw my old 40gb in the bin, but still got the same problem.. I now have two new 60gb hdd's, and still the same problem...

    I'm now lost, because I don't know what to do seeing as my last hope was the memory, processor, or motherboard, but all those are brand new, along with the brand new 60gb hdd's....

    Any help will be very appreciated, Thanks!
  2. lildjrich

    lildjrich TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Problem solved :)

    Turns out it still was my memory, but I got faulty memory...
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