Computer restarts during boot-up

By souton
Feb 19, 2010
  1. I recently bought a logitech c200 web cam and everything was okay. it popped up a 48mb software update
    and i proceeded. after shutting my pc down, i tried to boot-up this morning and it brings up the famous screen of choosing to start in safe mode, last known config and start normally. i've tried all and at the Windows splash screen, it pops up a blue screen VERY QUICKLY (i have no time to read what it says its so fast) and it restarts. sigh... this is very aggravating as i dont know whats going on. If anyone has any clue how to fix this, please let me know.
    Also did a google search about this problem and it seems everyone has Vista or 7. Im still on XP pro. I saw a hotfix for a similar problem but it was for vista only. Still trying to get info, this doesn't make sense. How am i to get into my Desktop to fix this problem if it keeps rebooting? I've also tried booting up without the camera plugged in but no luck.
    by the way, i just tried a system restore by picking a date a week from the date of problems. i was able to get into the desktop but it wasnt "my stuff" and it was like my video drivers or nothing was installed. after copying the week old system restore, i was unable to boot-up....again... back to square one. please help
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