Confusion over OpenShell Versions


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Today I noticed, on the download page, that version 4.4.131 was the stable release and that version 4.4.135 was a Beta release, so I downloaded version 4.4.131. When I stored the program into one of my folders I noticed that I already have a file named OpenShellSetup_4_4_138.exe that I downloaded on August 24, 2019 along with ClassicShellReadme.PDF.

1. What is the latest stable version of OpenShell?

2. How can I find out which version of Classic/Open Shell is currently installed on my computer?

Thank you for your help.


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Right click the menu and open settings. I'm showing the name and version of Open Shell in the title bar of the settings page. "Settings for Open-Shell Menu 4.4.131"

After bringing up the question I checked on the authors site and it is showing a newer version. Version 4.4.142 released 20 days ago.



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I installed version 4.4.131 and then right-clicked Start and clicked on Exit. Unfortunately, now I have a Win10 start display, and I forgot how to replace it with the Open Shell display. How do I enable Open Shell?
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