Connecting a Broadband line usign Vista in laptop

By hobilla
Aug 6, 2008
  1. hey, im new to vista
    (PRE): im using a broadband connection in my deskop. I have xp. In my network connection, i hav a LAN that is always connected. Then, i created a connection which has my ISP given username and pass and i connect to the internet like that.

    My Q now is that i have a vista run hp laptop and i want to use the same connection in my laptop instead. How do u configure it in vista?

    my isp has given my the ip adress, gateway...and also physical adress (excuse me if this is all irrelevant)....

    iv created the lan thing in vista ( guess method!!!) and also the username and password connection. But its not connecting?

    i called my isp, and they are saying that to change the physical adress....
    So, how do i change the physical adresss? from where?( i have the physical adress, but frm whr can i change it??))

    help needed as soon as possible.
  2. Ididmyc600

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    first off which braodband are you using, is it adsl or cable, usually you have a broadband router that has sockets on it into which you can plug usually up to 4 pc's, the addresses for them are usually sorted out by the router, you need to repost and let us know someone on here will probably be using the same ISP.

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