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Connecting a hardrive to recover files

By Rhoso
Apr 21, 2009
  1. My computer crashed when i installed Service pack 1 for windows vista, i spoke with a Microsoft expert, and supposedly my problem is very rare and the files on my hard drive are now corrupt and i cannot boot the computer.

    I have very important files on this and the only way to recover the files is to disconnect my hard dive and plug it into another computer as an external hard drive (not quite sure how to do this, i just plugged it in like the regular one was, might have done it wrong). Also, I tried running the computer on an alternate OS but there's some kind of password issue and i cant access the files.

    I plugged the hard drive into another computer but now i'm having the same problem as before i get a blue error screen. I need to somehow start the computer using the operating system on the working hard drive while still being able the access the files on the corrupted one. How do i do this? or how do i plug the hard drive in correctly in case i did it wrong?
  2. davisjaron

    davisjaron TS Member Posts: 82

    It sounds like the hard drive has failed, not just become corrupt, so putting it into another computer won't allow you to get your files back... You can recover files from a failed hard drive, but it's a little tough...

    I've heard a rumor (and it's supposedly true, but i'm not sure about it) that by placing it into a zip-loc bag, and putting it into your freezer for roughly 2 hours, you can put it back into your computer immediately and access it for 20 - 30 minutes... however I would be to afraid to test this method, as it sounds to me like it could damage other system components when powering on... you can google that for more information if you want.

    my suggestion would be to take it down to your local geeksquad and they have a machine they can back it up onto a CD or DVD without ruining your computer.
  3. Wheelz124

    Wheelz124 TS Rookie

    i got a solution!

    Hi Rhoso
    heres a solution for ya....will only cost a few quid (or dollars!) and you will have a very handy piece of hardware too! i have a SATA and IDE usb 2.0 adapter which basically allows me to plug any HDD of any size or any cd/dvd rom drive into another pc via the usb socket. it has its own power cable andtransformer and has connections for sata power and four pin molex power connector...also has SATA connector and IDE connector for both3.5 and5.25 Inch IDE drives as well as 2.5 inch laptop IDE drives....just plug it in,power up,and the relevant disk appears as a removable drive in "my computer".....then drag and drop as per normal!:D You can pick these things up on Ebay for just a few quid! Ive found extremely useful so far!:)
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