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Apr 26, 2008
  1. ive put this new computer together about 2 months ago... a few weeks of running it , the computer started to BS .. it did it almost everyday... by then my OS was currupted and i had to reformat and reintsall my windows... that happend about 3 times.. now im running windows vista.. (previously running winxp) and i was hoping that would get Rid of the constant BSOD.. ive read plenty of forums and some led to removing a sound card and updating drivers .. ive done all that... im all out of ideas... i will post dumps thank you in advanced

    minidumps are posted in a zip
  2. Route44

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    You are infected. Your second minidump points to wininit.exe which is a backdoor trojan. wininit.exe is added to the system as a result of the WOLLF.16 virus. As I said, it is a backdoor Trojan horse and it allows unauthorized remote access to an infected computer.

    I strongly suggest doing three things:

    1. Go to the Security and the Web forum here at TechSpot and read the stickies. Pay close attention to their advice.

    2. Post your issue and the type of infection on that forum.

    3. Do a personal history of your web browsing and see if there are sites that need to be avoided in the future.

    * You need to be behind a router as well as having a good anti-virus, a good firewall, and a good anti-spyware program.
  3. ap0calypse

    ap0calypse TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ive done everything i can on that thread and i really dont believe that its a virus! ive checked the event log and it seee many of the BSODS are caused by ntsf.sys.... ah. my computer even bs in safe mode! it might be ram but i wanna be sure before i purchase a new set. thank you for your time
  4. ap0calypse

    ap0calypse TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ram was bad. tested with known good, no more bsod
  5. Route44

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    Thanks for getting back to us. RAM was nowhere in your minidump mix; computers, who can figure them?
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