Converting DVD .vobs to .avi/.mpeg/.whateverwillwork in WMP Help

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May 20, 2009
  1. So, I've tried a few things to convert DVDs to simple file formats that I can save on my Network%2
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    What format do you want to convert to?? You know that if you rip to AVI or something similar you will most likely loose quality.. You can copy the DVD to a hard drive as is using something like DVD Fab Decryptor (Free) or AnyDVD/CloneDVD (not free). Again if you want to rip to a single file (like AVI) you will loose quality. There are many apps to do this. What exactly are you having trouble with?
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    I want to convert to anything that WMP and a Codec Pack/Divx can play. I like good video quality as well, i guess i'm looking for a good program to rip good quality videos but for less the storage... I'm kinda new to the whole media files thing, been kinda lazy on getting in on the videos and whatnot, I already have my music library situated (for the most part) and now to be rid of the large amount of DVDs in th Living Room. Been trying alot of solutions for myself but seem to be running alot of doughnut holes.
    Enough with the rambling...

    Here what I am trying to do, I have approximatly 400-500 dvds, I want to turn them into Single files I can access anywhere im my house and from any PC, I know that quality will be lost, but i'd like the least amount of loss.

    I'd like the files to be no bigger than 1.5GB, have a good known codec, a a file type WMP understands.

    First thing I tried to do in an attempt to rip DVDs was use Prism Video Converter, worked fine for home made DVDs of mine but not for CSS encrypted Discs, i kept getting errors like "not enough rights to allow that"

    So, then I read an article in March's Edition of Maximum PC, suggesting the use of DVD43 and Handbrake, first tried to use handbrake, No luck there it seemed, the files i made were often way way to small like kb small, or just freeze WMP.

    So, after no luck from that program, I tried using DVD43 that has on-the-fly file decryption, so i tried using that with prism, prism was able to make usable videos of behind the scenes or trailers on the disc but when it came the main movie it gave an error telling me i needed to select an option in divx codec options that didnt exist after alot of tinkering with it no luck...

    So, now I'm here asking for a little help to rip and convert files to hardrive from DVD with the best Quality an Codec while keeping the file under 1.5GB. And i typed all that with my left hand cause my right collar bone is broken... wow my arm is tired, lol So please if anyo ne has any good tipes im open ears, or eyes :)
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    You can get by the CSS protection by using the program mentioned above. There may be ripper programs out that will rip copyrighted DVDs' I just dont know of them.. So it may a 2 step process. copy (Decrypt) the copyrighted DVD to the hard drive using DVD Fab Decryptor, then use a ripping program (and there are many) to convert from DVD to Divx (AVI)..
    Download DVD Fab decryptor here

    You can then use VLC to rip the DVD to AVI

    There is a tutorial here

    There are many other programs to do this and there may be a way to make it a 1 step process but will not be free. The above method is free

    Here is a ripper that will do copyrighted (supposedly) Aiseesoft DVD Ripper.

    You could also use something like AnyDVD in conjunction with a ripper
  5. SilenceOfComp

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    Ok, thanks alot man i'll look into it :)
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