Cooling fan much louder than it used to be


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My O.S. is Dell dimension 3000, win xp home, sp3

I recently re-installed windows and some applications and now my computer works very well and FAST - BUT.........
the cooling fan is always on and runs very hard. I am wondering if anyone can explain what the fan is trying to do and why it runs so hard these days. There was a time when the fan was much quieter. The computer seems to be working just about as good as it did when I re-installed things and many virus scans have turned up no malicious problems. When I re-installed windows, I cleaned out the inside of the tower so I don't believe the fan is trying to make up for accumulated dirt in the tower. I'd like to understand what is going on with the fan and, if it's a problem, fix it soon.

Thank you for your help here,
Re chipset drivers....Yes! I followed the sequence recommended at Dell to install the drivers in a prescribed order. What else?
The CPU fan could be connected to the System fan header if you have both of those fans. Were either fan disconnected and reconnected while the computer was being cleaned?
download Speedfan. It's a temperature monitoring tool which also lets you control the fan speeds of your PC.