Core i5 system restarting after 60 seconds

By platinumsteel
Oct 31, 2010
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  1. Hi guys.I just finished building up my PC.I bought the parts one by 1.It consists of an core i5,ATI HD 5770,2gb ddr3 and a gigabyte p55 MObo.The only thing i ended up using back is the old PSU from an old desktop i had before.It's of extremely poor quality not one of those brand name ones.Its Codegen 475watt.It costs 15 US dollars...Do u guys think that it could be my problem why the system cutts off like that and reboots itself...that the PSU can't handle the load and power draw especially from the videocard and other components?I have not reached to the point of installing a Windows OS on it..I have just tried to go into the bios twice.ANd after it did that i have just parked it up and am going to order a good grade PSU on monday hopefully.Your help and info will be greatly appreciated..thank u.
  2. Route44

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    We here at TechSpot warn against garbage psu's because a PSU is the backbone of any system. A poor psu can cause nothing but headaches and if it fails can damamge other components.

    You have nice hardware parts and they are going to need a quality psu. Now I am not saying this is necessarily the issue at hand but if it were me I would in no way hook up my new system to that psu.

    Many of us here highly recommend the excellent Corsair line of power supplies.

    * Please keep us updated on what you decide.

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