Corsair starts offering Force GT SSDs: 60GB and 120GB


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Corsair has announced the first shipments of its Force Series GT line of solid-state drives (SSDs). The first SSDs are currently shipping to Corsair's network of authorized distributors and retailers…

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who gives a f##k about these faster and faster speeds, give us some decent prices £1 a gig will do for now.

100gig drive for a decent price and a decent 4k read/write performance is all most people care about.


SSD's are already incredibly fast. The point I was making is, where it really counts, size and price there is very little movement. It sill costs £90 for an average 60gig entry level drive. What needs to happen now is an increase in size and a decrese in cost.

+500MB/s vs 250MB/s makes absolutley no difference in 99% of peoples usage. Both are amazingly fast. But anyway who cares about max throughput on drives that are so small, its 4k speed that matters on these things as an OS drive and program loading.


Cheaper prices gets my vote.
I am sure ssd drives are no where near anymore expensive to produce then a mechanical drive yet they still remain a premium price.
I would like to see less than £1/gig if they are to really compete with mechanical. With mechanical now costing around 30p a gig SSD should be more placed around 50p a gig.


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I realize that guest, and while I don't necessarily agree with your entire comment, I do agree it would be difficult to tell a difference. However, as you know price drops are only a matter of time.

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