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Oct 27, 2013
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  1. I have a ASUS A8N-LA mother board, compaq name Nagami2L-GL8E. It has right now a AMD Sepron processor. I bought a Athlon 64 x2 4800+ CPU to upgrade. Both are socket 939 but the new processor has an extra pin on the corner across from the alignment arrow. It will not fit in the socket with that extra pin. According to all my research it should be compatible. Does anybody know if this is a defect in the CPU or is it not compatible? I would appreciate an help I can get.
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    AMD Sempron 64 microprocessor family
    Notice the single pin difference in the bottom right corner as well as the blank pins in the middle. Does your Athlon 64 x2 4800+ CPU have these pin differences for a socket 940 instead of socket 939. And if your CPU has a large open square in the middle without pins, it maybe a socket 754.

    With that said if both your CPU's are socket 939, then both of them will fit the same socket. The fact you said your replacement will not fit the same socket as your old one, means they are not the same socket design. The only question not is which one is not socket 939, which will lead to getting the correct CPU.
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    Your motherboard is a socket 939.
    The Athlon 64X2 4800+ is an AM2 CPU.
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    Well I have got the extra pin in the bottom right corner but the blank pins are the same as the 939. Whats the difference between an AM2 and a 939?
  5. bmyzer101

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    Ok. got my answer. Thank you all for your help. Love this site.

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