Crashing/rebooting problems with pt800ce-a?

By Celll212
Aug 30, 2008
  1. hi ok lately i have been upgrading my a new stick of ram 1gb ddr kingston
    with another stick of samsung 1gb ddr400 also put in a new wifi adapter and sound card....well after i put all these in my pc sometimes randomly crashes

    as in the subject title i have a ECS(pos) pt800ce-a rev.1.1e

    well it has been crashing and rebooting itself after all this..and it seems to only do it with i am running like windows media player and say snesx9x or it will just simply lock up no mouse response etc..

    also if i use the usb ports on the back it seems to crash/lock up as well i have a usb drive i had some things on..and when i removed it the pc just locked up...also when im playing on my emulator..i use a ps3 controller in the same port...

    after wiping the hdd2x in the last month and completely checking compatiblity with the new componets i installed i am at at loss..... i reinstalled the Via/raid tool drivers for it last night and everything seems to be fine now...

    so im not sure if it was that or my board is just way to unstable with the newer parts i have in it..i have done exstensive testing with OCCTPT2.0 and various other programs and no errors were found (ran a few of them for 2days+)...could the wiping of the hdd and drivers for the mb have anything to do with the crashing?

    (i figured those were all stored in the cmos...) come to think of it not sure why i thought that ...anywho thanks for any advice...or suggestions i am new to all this pc stuff
    just trying to get a grasp of it :D
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