Software Ctrl + Shift + A [ or R] shortcuts not working (captured by AMD:DVR-CapturingWindow)

My shortcut is not working for some time. At first I thought I messed up the setting in my drawing app and ignored it for quite some time and just mouse click to work around. However, yesterday I realize the problem is also happens on all other software! I searched a little bit and found a way to identify the app that is capturing my shortcut using spy++.
It is AMD: DVR-CapturingWindow. Looks like it occupied a global hotkey for capturing purpose. Now I have no idea how to fix it. Should I uninstall everything related to AMD? There are AMD folders on multiple places like C:\ root and Program Files.
I used to use integrated graphics (Ryzen 2400g) before adding a nvidia card but I am afraid I could screw things up as the motherboard and cpu is also AMD. I could not find where I can disable the AMD: DVR-CapturingWindow key settings. If I run the AMD radeon software, it will said "No AMD driver is installed. ...".

Anyone faced the same issue before?
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Nvm. It seems to be fixed after uninstalling the AMD Software from the Add or Remove Program. Don't know why AMD is setting the shortcut as Ctrl+Shift+A, it is a very common shortcut to "Save As" in many programs.