Curious, core windows registry repair

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May 10, 2013
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  1. Hey guy, Great to talk to you again!
    Love it here!

    Ok, so this question is more for personal learning and understanding than anything else.
    I love to fix computers with out having to resort to system restore or reinstall, largely for the experience and understanding of programing and os structure.

    A lot of times things happen to corrupt main registry entries and the usual answer is to restore the system...but what if I couldn't. Is there a way to fix core registry entries (I.e. driver related, desktop, interface...things that should fundamentally be similar between computers and theoretically fixable). I've investigate programs that claim to "fix" the registry but they usually just clean it rather than actually fix corrupted or missing entries.

    I realize this might be a very complicated answer or one most don't care to get into. That's o.k. Give me what you can. Be as short as you like. I just want to learn. :)

    Thanks in advance for the answers and replies. (y)

    by the way, would this be answered with this thread?
  2. Jad Chaar

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    I dont think rolling back fixes registry issues.
  3. jobeard

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    The problem is - - the "registry" is more like a database and has FIVE files that must be in 'sync'
    1. System
    2. Default
    3. SAM
    4. Security
    5. Software
    PLUS the "current user" is actually the file within the user's login %profile%
    eg \user\loginid\ ntuser.dat

    Fundamental security in Win/7 forces the user to run in UAC (user) mode which is far better than the XP system allowing one to run as admin. In a UAC environment, the directories:
    • \Program Files
    • \Windows
    are protected from alteration and critical files (eg the "registry") are much safer.


    IMO, the order of operations that are "reasonable" include
    • program add/delete
    • controlling the autostart list(s) {the system & then the user's}
    • controlling the services installed (and/or disabling as needed)
    • controlling the run list (as seen in the registry)
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  4. svied

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    First of all, thank you so much for your responses.

    Now, I love the information you gave me but is there a way even just theroretically to find what doesn't match up with the other registry entries or maybe even a "model" of a healthy registry?

    To give some scope for this thread here's the original problem that got me wondering about this.
    (I would have linked but on ipad)

    There was a continuing degradation...whether it was my fault or a virus; what if I could stop the degredation? How would I then fix it without restoring a backup of some kind?
    Again, thank you in advance for this. I love learning
  5. svied

    svied TS Rookie Topic Starter

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