Customizable swipes are rolling out on the Gmail app for iOS

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It has been over nine months since Google updated Gmail for Android with customizable swipes. Now developers have finally announced they have brought the feature to the iOS version.

Swipe gestures for mobile email apps are nothing new, and the Gmail app has pretty much had them forever. However, swiping left or right would only either archive or delete the emails (archive by default). Although you can change it to your preference in the settings it still only allows one or the other, not both.

Last summer, Google made gestures customizable on the Android app. Left and right swipes could independently be changed to archive, delete (trash), mark read/unread, move to, snooze, or none. The customization feature will soon be ready for iOS too.

To change what each gesture does go to Settings > Swipe actions.

In addition to using the customized swipes on emails, users will also be able to use gestures on pushed notifications. For instance, press firmly (3D Touch) or perform a long press on an email notification and it will give you the ability to snooze that message. You only have to pick the date and time.

Google has the feature on an extended rollout starting today, March 28. It says it could take up to 15 days or longer for the option to appear for some users. I just checked my app, and it is not available yet.

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I had this option... and had it customized to allow me to quickly move emails to folders... it's suddenly gone.

mind you I had to re-log in this morning!?