Customizing folder background in Windows XP

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May 29, 2008
  1. I'm busy trying to customize my folder background in windows XP SP2 using a desktop.ini file with the following code added

    IconArea_Image={path of picture}

    an i have the image in the file when i browse it but it doesn't resize with the folder and additionally i would like to know how to change the oppacity of the background if anyone can help me with the neccisary code for that :)
  2. Bobbye

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    You're going to more trouble than I do. All I do is right click> Properties> Customize tab on a folder, choose either the Picture or Icon option, browse to what I want and choose it>> >> now I have a customized folder.
  3. Supatortoiseboy

    Supatortoiseboy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm not understanding at wat oint you're having the option to browse for a picture the only thing that opens a browse dialog is changing the thumbnail view of the folder ie changing the picture on the actual mannila folder looking icon... wat i'm doing is changin the actuall white background of the picture... if that makes sense
  4. Supatortoiseboy

    Supatortoiseboy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i noticed there were several views to this thread and figured i should be a contributing
    member of this fine society so here goes if you want wat i have so far in terms of customizing the background instructions follow:

    1. you need the picture you want as your background and i find it easiest to place the image in the folder itself and then hide it so it's not in the way :)

    2. You need the desktop.ini file. You can get windows to make this file for you in the following way right click on an empty space in the folder>>properties>>Customize tab>>change icon>>choose the default picture (just a folder)>>ok>>apply>>ok

    you will only be able to see the file if in folder options (under the tools menu)>>view tab>>show hidden files or folders and uncheck hide protected operating system files(recommended) then apply and ok you should set these changes back at a later stage the desktop.ini file delete it's contents and add the following code:

    IconArea_Image={folder path}

    and in place of {folder path} add the actuall folder path if the picture is in the folder simply adding the pictures name will suffice!
    NOTE: you must include at the end of the path the correct file extension of your picture
    now save then close the ini file click refresh in the folder and your image should appear...

    And i had a thought on changing the opacity of the background simply change it on the picture itself using some or other image editing software
  5. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,334   +36

    It sounds like you aren't aware that you an change the 'browse in' location.

    The right click> Properties> Customize tab give me the options to choose a 'picture' and allows me to browse anywhere on my hard drive to find it.

    The Change Icon option allows me to choose from the system root shell or browse to another location.

    You're making a simple feature complicated.
  6. Supatortoiseboy

    Supatortoiseboy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Are you talking about the 'choose picture' button in the customize tab listed under the heading 'folder pictures'?

    Because i know that fuction quite well and it relates to a different property
  7. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,334   +36

    I was. You are apparently trying to do something more complicated.
  8. Supatortoiseboy

    Supatortoiseboy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes indeed i am you should try follow the steps i listed above it'll work the only thing i have left to tweak is the autofit...

    try it dude it's quite cool and then you'll understand exacty wat i'm talking about
  9. Supatortoiseboy

    Supatortoiseboy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    anyone know how to resixe the background?
  10. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 13,010   +2,536

    Yeah, spring for a copy of photoshop.
  11. Supatortoiseboy

    Supatortoiseboy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yeah the thing is i want the image to resize itself when you resize the folders size...

    so wat you're saying would only let you resize the image itself...

    I'm lookiing to maybe use some hyper text language maybe but i'm not familiar with any of it and i'm not quite sure where to start if anyone has suggestions?
  12. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 13,010   +2,536

    A photo to be used as wallpaper must have the correct "asect ratio" to appear undistorted on the screen. (stretched, pulled, smooshed, whatever you choose to call it).
    1280 X 1024 is a 5:4 aspect ratio

    1400 X 1050 is a 4:3 aspect ratio

    1680 X 1050 and 1920 X 1200 are 16:9 aspect ratios

    Keep in mind that Windows will correctly display an image, (proportionally) if the aspect ratio is correct for the screen involved. IE, a 1920 X 1200 image will look just fine on a 1680 X 1050 screen, since they're both 16:9 images.

    Photoshop allows you to do batch processing, so I suppose you could do batch cropping and or resolution changing with a template. Still it would be necessary to process photos to screen specific aspect ratios. Which is why the wallpaper sites (generally) offer all their recent files in a variety of different resolutions.

    Personally I enjoy doing the corrections manually, since more often than not, images require a number of corrections, contrast, color balance and saturation, shadow and highlight corrections, plus a number of special effects, such as matting, layer effects, noise, grain, blur, text, and any of a plethora of other manipulations. If I have to look at it, then I want it to my personal taste. Not unreasonable, methinks.

    So no, I'm not aware of a magic button you can push that will fullfill all your digital imaging wants and desires.
  13. Supatortoiseboy

    Supatortoiseboy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    why does no-one bother to read what the thread is about before randomely replying... folder background not wallpaper...

    open a folder any folder see that white background with the little picture of a music note strip of film whatever windows has made the default background.... I've changed the white background manually to a picture of my choosing... now i want the image to re-size itself according to the size of the folders client space....
  14. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,334   +36

    You have 8 posts on this thread. 7 of them is finding fault with the help you are getting. Perhaps you could find a programmer who can tell you IF what you want to do is possible and how to do it.
  15. Supatortoiseboy

    Supatortoiseboy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    was hoping someone might know how to do that while idally browsing hey...
    actually come tothink of it i got a friend that might be able to help .... by the way did you try the stuff i mentioned?it's quite a fun little trick
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