Cyberpunk 2077's console versions get major price cut


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If you spend more than 3000 dollars on a gaming rig it better be good. Hell will freeze over before I buy a 3090 just to be able to play a game. The rest of the sane world would be better off playing this on Stadia.

#1 When you factor in the tax writeoffs of your gaming gear as "business expenses", $5000 for a PC is small potatoes - especially if you're using it for content creation and income. I only regret I couldn't get the Kingpin since it isn't available here - just because I wanted the Liquid AIO.

#2 It's not just one game you're playing. DCS and my other demanding games as well as streaming benefit too. It was a very Merry Christmas.


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I went corpo. I find it did not affect gameplay much except for extra dialogue.
Did you get 'pushed out to the street' pretty much as soon as you "install" Johnny Silverhand, or are you able to stay affiliated with the corporations for a good part of the story?


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$60 pre-ordered. 120hrs beaten the game just doing side quests and achievements now. That's about $0.50 an hour.

Still a better decision and more enjoyable than games I've bought on sale for $5,$10,$15, or $20 played for 15 mi s and never played again.
I'm about 200 hours in and still love the game. I can't wait for the free DLC though! :)


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I went corpo. I find it did not affect gameplay much except for extra dialogue.

There are a few changes...for example: the Corpo meets Meredith Stout and has a chance to Romance her. If you don't, she ends up dead with her head shaved and wearing cement shoes at the bottom of a lake. There's also a short battle with a corporate lackey.

I also like how the game experience is different with the NPC like Judy and Panam if you continue to play through their storylines.