Cyclic redundancy error (data error) with 1TB LaCinema

By movielover
Feb 15, 2011
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  1. HI there,

    first time being in a forum as the support from LaCie is rather bad.

    Here some info on the equipment:
    Operating System & Version: VISTA

    I plugged the hard drive into the laptop to add data. First it was recognised and than all of a sudden it just showed the external hard drive without name (before it always showed in the recognised devices the name of the hard drive LaCie). Now it asks me to format the drive but as I don't want to loos all the data which are on the device I am hoping that you can tell me what the problem is and how to solve it.
    (I tried it with a different computer but the same problem).

    [Answer from support: The drive should not be reformatted to afile system other than FAT32. If the drive is formattedin a non-FAT32 format (such as NTFS or HFS+), files will NOT appear on your television screen.]

    Also you might like to know that I can use the hard drive with an HDMI cable connected to my TV. SO I can actually still watch my movies and listen to the music on it.

    1. Pc recognises the drive but I cannot access it (can't add or deleat files on the hard drive)
    2. Cables are working (exchanged cables to check if that might be the problem)
    3. Connected the hard drive to a different computer - same problem
    4. Hard drive works fine when I connect it to a TV to watch movies or listen to music

    As I am not a specialist I need a step by step help to recover my files before I reformat the drive.

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