Daylight will use Unreal Engine 4, procedurally-generated maps

Julio Franco

TechSpot Editor
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Independent game developer Zombie Studios officially announced their next big project called Daylight during the DICE summit last week. So far, so good, but the really interesting side of the story is that Daylight will use Epic's Unreal Engine 4 and...

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TS Evangelist
TheBigFatClown, information on Zombie studios can be easily found by doing a simple google search. However, here you go.

If it is within the price quoted in the article. I wouldn't mind picking it up and giving it a try. The procedurally-generated maps seem really interesting.


TS Evangelist
Played a game called amnesia yesterday for about an hour, sounds like this game, you have to keep lighting stuff like candles to keep your sanity and solve puzzles. Really dark and drab. A shadow follows you. Your in a old castle. I don't really dig puzzle games but this one seems nuts. First game that made me feel frightened since resident evil back on the old playstation in my early teens.

Amnesia doesn't have random dungeons like this game +1 for re-playability first brought on by diablo 1 from my recollection.


TS Addict
Let's hope they eradicated the texture pop in which was so pervasive in Unreal Engine 3 based games.