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Dell Bios Password removal (Nov-Dec 2007)

By olivej · 178 replies
May 29, 2006
  1. Obi

    Obi TS Enthusiast

    you can fix your problem without Rustam´s help.
    Just take a look here.
    Procedure works for your 595B Service Tag, Latitude D600
  2. mortexx

    mortexx TS Rookie

    Hi, All

    I got a dell 610 laptop for my wife from ebay for a christmas present. I tried to contact the person that I received the laptop to give me the password, but no luck in responding. If anyone could please assist me in any way, it would be greatly appreciated.

    bios A07
  3. oldskooltek

    oldskooltek TS Rookie

  4. Stan64

    Stan64 TS Rookie

    Help Dell X300 password

    I have a Dell X300 with password on BIOS.
    When I try tree time password the system tell me - System Disabled -
    code [06845].

    Can someone help me with master password?
  5. Serik

    Serik TS Rookie

    Need Master Password for HDD:

  6. egoo40

    egoo40 TS Rookie

    Dell D420 Hard Drive password removal

    Hi to everyone on Techspot!

    I am a total novice to forums so please bear with me!

    Can anyone point me in the right direction in how i can obtain a Dell D420 hard drive password for the following???


    Many thanks!

    Erik from sunny Scotland!
  7. oldskooltek

    oldskooltek TS Rookie


    Hi Julio,
    Any news on dell bios pw removals?
  8. open13

    open13 TS Rookie

    My neighbour bought his kids a second hand Dell laptop from a newspaper advert, unfortunately it was bios passworded and the seller does not answer his mobile phone anymore.
    He (my neighbour) contacted Dell, who refused to help him because he is not the recorded owner, he is very upset at this (understatement) and worried because he paid £250 for a laptop that he cannot use.

    Im sorry I should have added that my neighbour is not very computer literate and does not have internet access,, he is however very trusting and apparently quite a silly person.

    and thats where I get involved, I downloaded the CD iso and booted the laptop from it
    I was asked it I wanted to erase and/or change the service tag I said yes (entered y)
    I got this message

    I told you what I am, But what are you?
    EE-CPB.exe Error 0

    then there was a messsage about failing to move the floppy head to track 0 for transport

    so I tried masterpw.exe from the prompt, it launched and asked for the service tag, HDD serial or nothing.
    I entered D599W2J (both in upper and lower case) this is also the current service tag that the software recognised and displayed on the screen after boot
    and it gave me and invalid input error.

    I also tried just hitting enter and it returned to the command prompt

    Its a Dell Latitude 131L

    Am I missing a step somewhere, or is this machine not compatible?

    thanks for any advice
  9. infiel2001

    infiel2001 TS Rookie

    Help with Dell D430

    Hi to all ! im needing a bios pass for Dell D430 the tag number is #FNTVRD1-595B pls help me.. =(
  10. Hex101001

    Hex101001 TS Rookie

    Nothing Works w/Dell Lat D520

    Hi all,
    I have read through all posts, each and every one. Not one of the solutions i tried worked. I have a Dell Latitude D520 (fairly new) that i updated the bios on and ever since then I have been presented with the Grey Screen of Doom. It doesn't have the eeprom chip or I simply have been unable to find it. Can someone point me in the direction I need to go or provide me with the correct password? Somebody please help.

    Dell Latitude D520
    Service Tag # 538XVB1-595B

  11. jrayo71

    jrayo71 TS Rookie

    Helpme pls

    Hi guys, i need a bios passwword for laptop dell xps service tag# B2B0QB1-595B AND SERVICE CODE 24084047917 i have the laptop and not have the password

  12. jrayo71

    jrayo71 TS Rookie

    someone helpme please
  13. koreninja

    koreninja TS Rookie

    ok guys, I have a d520 (that ends with 595B).. and after reading almost every post etc I figured out how to bypass the BIOS password..

    I'm not sure that this works for the people who have a BIOS PASSWORD as soon as you power on the pc, it may but again, not sure.

    My problem was that I could get into the BIOS but it had a password on it so I couldn't change any of the information.

    I went to paragons site, I can't post links but admins have posted it tons of times.. (thank you admins)

    I spent almost 5 hours working on this and when I saw that link it solved my problem within 20 mins, thanks again!
    That is where I found my answer...

    I could not boot off the cd-rom due to BOOT OFF CD not being enabled in my BIOS..


    Removed the hard drive, if you can't figure that out then go to the DELL site and find the manual,

    I made the bootable CD from the software section of paragon's site..

    Ran it.. it deleted my old service ID tag, and now the bios was completely free and open.

    That's that..

    It MAY work for you, please atleast try it before shrugging it off and just wanting an easy password generated for you! Stop being lazy!

    The only downside is that I do not now have a service ID tag, and cannot set a password in the bios, I know there is a way to fix this though, and I'll figure it out soon enough.. (i know it read it somewhere on paragon's site)

    Thanks again to the people and email removed..

    l8r - Mark
  14. GUSTAVO1

    GUSTAVO1 TS Rookie

    Please I Need Pass For My Notebook My Servige Tag Is 82dh6d1-595b
  15. Hex101001

    Hex101001 TS Rookie

    No luck here either.

    I have tried all as well and still can't find a solution. I will just wait and hope someone will be able to help without wanting an arm and a leg. It is a relatively easy procedure if you have what is needed to do it. Anyway, if anyone has a working solution, please contact me.

  16. eeeprom

    eeeprom TS Rookie

    motherboard removal

    ok i got the motherboard out i cant find atmel.
    so as i have read there is not one on the board.
    if so where is the security located for this d620 at.
    please help i need to boot!
  17. dbpk

    dbpk Banned


    no EEPROM to short on d620,d630,d520,d820,d420 all dx20 and above!!!
    ur waisting time and risking ur laptop
  18. tonycdf

    tonycdf TS Rookie

    requesting help to unlock dell bios password

    hi, a friend of mine owes me money and instead gave me this laptop. he doesn't know what is the password and he refuses to tell me where he got it. but the chances of me getting my money back is pretty slim. so, now i'm stuck with this dell latitude d610 laptop with a tag of #2CNQW71-595B. i'm not computer savvy at all. i've surfed the web and some sites charge atrocious prices to supposedly unlock the laptop. i'm hoping somebody can help me, pls.
  19. eeeprom

    eeeprom TS Rookie

    i have read that the 610 will unlock with shorting method at the link in the password thread

    can anyone here verify sp is legit or anyone else like
    mods admins please step in


  20. dbpk

    dbpk Banned


    yes d610 can be unlocked with shorting method ,just look for EEPROM 24c02
    under the black sticker under the PCMCIA slot or near SDRAM slots !! i dont remember exactly i did it twice:)))

  21. benjielou

    benjielou TS Rookie

    Really? does it really works? for Dell Latitude D610? do you have some pictures? to show us how to do it? just one picture, so that i can use this laptop if you have time kindly email me or post to the forum.
  22. dbpk

    dbpk Banned

    The chip is located on the underside of the laptop. (the bottom) It can be accessed by removing the RAM memory cover, and is located just under the lip of the plastic case.
    Short circuit the the marked pins on 24c02 during booting. If this don´t work, short direct after you
    pushed power. If this don´t work at first time, try it again and again.

    plz see pictures, goodluck

    Attached Files:

  23. mscrx

    mscrx TS Rookie Posts: 310

    thanks for the short documentation and the pics!
    I never tried shorting but I think I will test it with a d610 now :)

    thanks! mscrx
  24. benjielou

    benjielou TS Rookie

    Does it really safe to do that? doesn't damage a motherboard?
  25. useless addy

    useless addy TS Rookie

    Dell 610 EEPROM

    Help required.
    Having read the many threads in regards to lost passwords for a Dell d610. I attempted to strip the PC down ( first time I may add). A liitle daunting at first. Found the chip a ATMEL542, 24CO4N, SU27 D. It was located as per threads next to the BIOS battery. Shorted out pins 3 & 6 as the PC turned on.
    Goes to Manufacturing level ( Level 01, other times level FF) Press Fn-X to return the system to normal mode. Tried this button Fn & X together, but nothing. Attempted many times
    Got into Boot up and set up screens.
    Shows Service tag none,asset tag none & ownership tag none. BUT when it goes back to normal it locks me out Login Failed.Safeguard easy v3.10
    What am I not doing correctly.
    Getting very frustrated.:confused:
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