Dell buys Wyse, strengthens enterprise arm with cloud, virtualization


TS Evangelist
Possibly in attempt to expand up on its "we're not really a PC company" strategy, Dell has acquired Wyse for an undisclosed amount. Based in San Jose, Wyse has long…

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TS Enthusiast
The move makes sense in the U.S., at least, where the middle class is disappearing fast, the Supreme Court turned elections over to corporations, and the biggest corporations keep posting record profits. Nobody ever said Michael Dell was stupid. Gotta say I miss the old PCs Limited days, though, when he was making his first billion before age 21 and turning microcomputer marketing on its head while he was at it. Now he has gray hair and his company is merging into the general corporate cesspool of MBAs, lawyers, lobbyists and political bribery. Oh well.