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By squarepegger
Dec 17, 2008
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    Problem: I can't connect to the Dell user forums at URL POSTS FORBIDDEN TO NEW USERS, although I can otherwise make my way around the Dell web site OK. I used to be able to visit and search the Dell forums without any problems.

    I use OpenDNS and can't even remember what my ISP's original DNS IP address settings were. I didn't have problems getting to the Dell forums after I switched to OpenDNS. The OpenDNS error I now get says "You tried to visit URL POSTS FORBIDDEN TO NEW USERS, which is not loading." I also get a similar message when I click on the Dell Forums link URL POSTS FORBIDDEN TO NEW USERS on the Dell Support Home Page.

    I have read that Dell has done something to "improve" their forum web site.

    I live in Uruguay and wonder if Dell has shut the English language forums to foreigners. I've tried a VPN with a US exit node and I still can't connect to the Dell forums. I get a 502 Proxy Error when I use the VPN. The error message comes from OpenDNS.

    Anyone else having problems visiting Dell forums? Anyone have a work-around? Tnx.
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