Dell intros Vostro V130 with new Intel cooling technology


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Dell has announced a new addition to its Vostro line of business laptops. The Vostro V130 keeps the same thin and light chassis of its V13 predecessor, adds a few ports, and is one of the first laptops to incorporate Intel's Hyperbaric cooling technology. This means than instead of using internal fans to push hot air out of the laptop’s chassis, air is drawn in through one side of the laptop and expelled out the other, allowing the fans to run at lower speeds and thus quieter.

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This is one of the few small, lightweight laptops that I like. My sister and I ordered one and she loves this thing. Super light, great price, great speed (especially with Windows 7 Pro). The only gripe I have with it is that you have to take the back cover off to get to the battery and hard drive. But other than that, great laptop at a great price.


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It also comes with the Nvidia Geforce GT 330M and Intel Core i5-460M Processor.
Maxed out will put you at about $840.
Awesome looking laptop imo!


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For that price it still is very very cheap for a i5 with a dedicated graphic card at an ultraportable device. Well at least me am comparing it to notebooks you can get here in Chile and it sure is cheap.


I can't find any such V130 with the specs ( GT 330M and\or Intel Core i5-460M) mentioned anywhere on the entire US DELL site. Is this bogus or can someone point me to it.