Dell laptop problem

  1. Ok i really screwed up I just want to know how bad. My Dell Inspirion laptop was diagnosed with a bad screen The Repair shop wanted 220 bucks to replace the screen. I thought they are NUTS. So I took off the screen cover, removed the screws holding the screen in place and checked the cable to the screen. It seemed loose to me so I pressed it back into place. powered up the laptop. Screen still bad I checked the connection, while checking this the connector pulled out, while pushing it back the connector sparked. Now the laptop will not power up. HELP????
  2. raybay

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    Sudden power surges can be ruinous... but you don't know until an experienced tech with good electronics tools can check it... The check alone will cost $35 to $65 depending on where you are and who does the work.
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    Thanks that's pretty much what I thought

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