Dell latitude d600 service tag removal

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Dec 26, 2005
  1. Paragon33

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    The Password thread I contributed on for 10 months is now closed by the moderators. Nal evidently has things well in hand here for SvcTag changing and resetting. My only added comment is for folks who have just the Admin/Configure Setup Password(no Grey Screen) locking the BIOS and preventing any changes to settings. Deleting/changing and then resetting a ServiceTag also wipes out any Password set on the EEProm chip along with the Service Tag during that process. The grey screen Primary/System Passwordwill prevent you from getting into DOS to run the software however; that is where the EEprom Shorting Procedure comes into play and this was much discussed in that other forum, somewhat mislabelled as Dell Admin Password Removal
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    Thanks for all of your help. Your posts are very helpful.
  3. dauntless

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    Don't know if you got my PM but could you please send this to me Thanks Never mind d/l it thanks for the info.
  4. xxxcasper

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    Black screen no power after installing EEPROM reset

    I downloaded the EEPROM reset ISO file and created a disk.
    I ran the disc and reset the service tag to the same thing.
    Ended up with the same sign on problem ... Windows XP sign on
    In setup all passwords were disabled
    I tried again resetting service tag to no key code
    still same thing, tried again inserting original code again but after powering down I now end up with a black screen and computer will not power on even with charger.
    If I plug charger into electric socket power light turns green but as soon as I plug socket into laptop, charger powers off.
    Laptop will not power up, but if I hold the Power key and F12 the battery icon flashes intermittently. This icon flashes when holding Power key and some other keys F10, F11, F0, Print scrn.
    Any help solving this problem would be greatly appreciated ... thanks!
  5. Paragon33

    Paragon33 TS Rookie

    I had similar problems with a "Fixer" Inspiron 8100. It turned out to be a short in the Fans and that was knocking out the Power brick from an overload. Normal ops resulted when the fan was replaced. You can check this out by unplugging the fan and see if it will boot for a short period until the CPU gets hot. It also appears you are talking about a W-XP password; the DST file is only for BIOS ADMIN passwords. Try pressing F8 when prompted and select Safe mode. If a boot is possible to the Desktop that way, go to Start/Settings/Control Panel/User Accounts and see if you can clear the Windows Password there. If not, there are several freeware and share programs available by googling to clear this type password. I have never had to do this and can not recommend any of them. Good luck.
  6. Kimzey

    Kimzey TS Rookie

    Dell C610 With Not Appropriate Service Tag Entry

    Could you please send the fix to me as I have the same issue. Thanks!
  7. Kimzey

    Kimzey TS Rookie

    Request for this Dell service tag fix...

    Would you please send this to me as well? (Sorry I posted twice )

  8. Kimzey

    Kimzey TS Rookie

    Dell C610 Service Tag Fix

    Please send this to me.

    Thanks a lot!
  9. maxpaynemafia

    maxpaynemafia TS Rookie

    hello guys i need too this tool,if someone can help me send me a mail,thank you

    email removed
  10. ve7gvs

    ve7gvs TS Rookie

    Hi Nal, Could you send me the ISO file as well. Thank-you so much in advance. email removed


    Grant Van Skiver
  11. roswell_my

    roswell_my TS Rookie

    help, help

    me too having problem with my d610, can you please send me the utility at ivan.y.t.h AT

    thanks a lot...
  12. Paragon33

    Paragon33 TS Rookie

  13. roswell_my

    roswell_my TS Rookie

    Thanks a million

    paragon, great! thanks for your help and the tools there are great!
  14. truenorth

    truenorth TS Rookie

    Service Tag on GX280 and GX520

    Hey All,

    I too have this issue with mutiple Dells. I've been taking parts and putting them together to form what could best be described as Hybrid OptiPlex systems (small form factor).

    I tried this utility on my D600 to test it and it worked great! However, I get the same error message when I try it on the OptiPlex systems. I really need one that works on OptiPlex GX 270, 280 and 520's so I can reset the Service tags to match the final case the rest of the system ends up in.

    Please help point me to this version of Service (and Asset) Tag reset if you can.

  15. V_M

    V_M TS Rookie

    i have a dell latitude d600 with a 7 digit service code and i am locked out with a bios password.

    srv tag=88R4S41
    srv express code=17943560785

    i use the latitude.exe, but it seems to only work with 5 digit...i tried to short the cmos with a paperclip, but the machine wont even boot while i am shorting it (unless i am shorting the wrong chip/pins but i doubt it)

    if i power up the machine and then short the pins the bios will not progress to the bios password screen,it goes thru the quick-boot dell splash screen thing, but it just shuts down before when the password dialog is about to pop up... which leads me to believe i am working with the right chip, only there has been new recent security enhancements to prevent this method from working.

    i have no magnifying glass but i think the numbers are right, cant really tell till i get a mag glass...does neone know where this chip is located on dell latitude d600?

    does anyone have any experiance with this?
    help plz!~
    thanks bud
    email removed

    on edit:

    I was able to beat the primary/admin password with the paper-clip method, but the HDD has a password too;(

    is there any way to beat that?

  16. casper

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    nal... please send that cmos, password program to me also. Thanx in advance email removed
  17. Paragon33

    Paragon33 TS Rookie

    If you will go back up the page to my other post, use the link to get to a joint website with everything you need
  18. Merkeu

    Merkeu TS Rookie

    Can someone please send me the files needed to remove the service tag from a latitude d510 . Thnx!
  19. Obi

    Obi TS Enthusiast

    just take a look at
  20. Ididmyc600

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    Good God the threads gone mad

    Hi All and everyone.

    Good lord I leave the thread alone for a few days, and blow me, we have people selling the software (now banned, good riddance) people asking for software freely available from my site, and mass confusion.

    Seems I will have to come back and point you poor laptop owners back in the right direction.

    To get all the software and help you need see the site below, there is also a chap called Rustam who can help, but he is around very little these days.

    The software is Free and the help FREE, I have been doing this now for nearly a year and have helped many people,

    Dont be afraid to PM me at any time and i'll do what I can.

    Here endeth the lesson for today
  21. not_so_tech_sav

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    Plez send me it to Nal, im desperate. i been on my laptop for 7 hours and i have a bad word in my bios as well. i bought the laptop at a garage sell. thank you, email removed
  22. Ididmyc600

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    First dont post your email in a forum, unless you like spam and the like, second all the software you need is on my site, the address is below.
  23. not_so_tech_sav

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    its says my system is not supported. help!!!!!!!!!!!! ehhhhh i feel like sh**
  24. kisorsosay

    kisorsosay TS Rookie

    Hello, Ive been to this site ,
    and I understand that with my current situation that I will need to short the pins. Unfortunatly, I cant find where it tells me there, or anywhere else in this site on which ones to short for which models. Anyone help a brotha out =D Or I will be forced to go all in your base ;)

    Thanks guys

  25. Ididmyc600

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    Unless you tell us what laptop you have, then no one can help .....
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